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Our Tango3Global Operations and Management Team

Tango3Global staffs the very best experts, security consultants, security managers and top tier professionals in fields of Expert Witness Services, Church Security Consulting and Church Safety & Security programs.

Our global operations team members are some of the most highly trained and highly skilled operatives found anywhere in the world!

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Our Company's History

Tango3Global was founded by Dan Meadows in 2016.  Tango3Global is part of the TAP3X Group of Companies, founded by Mr. Dan Meadows.

Mr. Meadows has had an interesting and wide ranging career in federal, state and municipal government services, public service, the corporate world and in private business practices.

Mr Meadows experience in; expert witness services, church security consulting and church safety & security is far reaching and well respected world-wide. 

Mr. Meadows has successfully and honorably served in positions of leadership and responsibility for international operations, corporate security companies, military, homeland security and in law enforcement command positions.   

Mr. Meadows continues to raise the bar for excellence in service and is committed to bringing our clients the very best in 

"Real World Service, Real World Security."

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Our Business Specialties and Professional Services

Tango3Global is a leading international company that provides Expert Witness Services, Church Security Consulting and Church Safety & Security programs for our many clients.

Our Global Operations and Services includes:

*Expert Witness Services

* Church Security Consulting

* Church Safety & Security


Church Security Management

Church Security Training

Injury Case Consulting

Law Enforcement Civilian Reviews

Armor, Shield and Sword - Church Safety & Security Group

Church Safety Institute

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Email us here to learn more about our Expert Witness Services, Church Security Consulting or our Church Safety & Security Programs, or any of the other professional services that we offer. Contact us to request a meeting, set up a conference call or to receive a professional quote for our Tango3Global services!

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Tango3Global provides professional, reliable and confidential services for our many clients. 


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